onsdag, december 17, 2008

Christmas times

This Wednesday 17/12 we will meet at Jonathan's for a "last get together before Christmas" night. Jonathan (Wiksten) lives at Dalgatan 12, bottom floor. We will meet at 19.00 and everyone is free to bring some christmas snacks.

See you there and Merry Christmas you all!

onsdag, december 10, 2008


Credo meeting on Wednesday 10/12 will be at Christines place in Fagerdal, Sidsjön. Take bus number 42 or enyoy a nice 20-25 minuts walk from the University. We will meet at 7 pm by the bridge next to the white signs saying "Sidsjön, Hospice, Förskola..." Put on warm clothes and some bread to feed the ducks with. I will make some fika. We will reflect over the first passage of the sermon on the mount, which is in Matthew (Matteusevangeliet) 5:1-16. It would be good if you had time to read it before we meet.


onsdag, december 03, 2008

I don't have much stuff

Bring loads of sweet stuff, i aint got much

måndag, december 01, 2008

Pysselkväll 3/12

This Wednesday we will meet at Jonathan's place at 19.00 (as usual). We will make some Christmas candy-stuff so bring whatever ingredients you need for your project. Jonathan lives at Dalgatan 12, the middle house at Förrådet - the apartment is on the bottom floor. If you have trouble finding your way there, call Jonathan at 0702560775.

Will be great to see you all!
/Frida X1