söndag, oktober 12, 2008


At this wednesday, 15 oct, you are all very welcome to my place at Skönsbergsv. 31 a. It´s on the way to Skönsberg, next to a pizza-place called Marco Polo. I live together with a lady, Ingridh, who has a dog from Rumania, Salo. But it seems like Ingridh and Salo will be at an other place this night since the dog is scared of people... So maby we don´t need to have a very long gathering, not after 21.30? It will be good if you all come at 19.00 so we can start. Bring some fika if you like. I´m looking forvard to meet you at wednesday!
My telephonenr is 073-0580777.

/Lisa Klang

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